The primary goal of CentoServer is the uninterrupted operation of our servers, thereby achieving 100% continuous availability of your websites. If CentoServer fails to provide the guaranteed services, an appropriate refund will be credited to your account. We outline the 4 points of the guarantee under which CentoServer commits to providing quality services.

1. Definitions

This Web Site Availability Service Level Agreement ("SLA Agreement") applies to you ("client") if you have ordered any of the following CentoServer services ("services") and if your user account with CentoServer is current (i.e., not expired): web hosting packages (Start Hosting, Mini Hosting, Midi Hosting, Unlimited Hosting, Reseller 1, Reseller 2, Reseller 3, Dedicated 1, Dedicated 2, Dedicated 3, Start VPS, Mini VPS, Midi VPS, Maxi VPS).

The term "Website Availability" denotes the percentage of an individual month (based on a 24-hour day and the number of days in the respective month) during which the content of the client's websites is available for access by third parties via HTTP and HTTPS, as measured by CentoServer.

2. Service Level

If the service leased from us is not 100% available, CentoServer will approve a refund of your funds according to the following limits:

Website Availability / Refund Percentage

99.9 to 100% - 0%

98 to 99.8% - 10%

95 to 97.9 - 25%

90 to 94.9 - 50%

89.9 or lower - 100%

3. Exceptional Situations

CentoServer will not bear any responsibility, and thus the refund of your funds will not be approved, if the unavailability of the website, or any other issues on it, are caused by any of the following reasons:

a. Due to circumstances beyond CentoServer's control, such as: decisions of governmental bodies, war, rebellion, sabotage, armed conflict, embargo, fire, flood, strike, or any other disruption, interruption, or stoppage in traffic, unavailability or interruption as well as stoppage in telecommunications or services provided by a third party, virus attack or hacking, software failure (including e-commerce software, payment channels, chat, statistical or free scripts), or inability to procure raw materials, supplies, or energy used for the realization of this SLA Agreement, and necessary equipment.

b. Due to hardware failure to access the CentoServer network, unless such failure is caused solely by CentoServer.

c. Due to scheduled maintenance, as well as emergency maintenance and upgrades.

d. Due to DNS issues beyond the direct control of CentoServer.

e. Due to issues with FTP, POP, or SMTP user access.

f. Due to false violations of the SLA Agreement, reported as a result of failures or errors of any CentoServer measurement system.

g. Due to actions or omissions of the client (actions or omissions of other persons engaged or authorized by the client), including client's custom scripts or coding (e.g., CGI, Perl, HTML, PHP, etc.), any negligence, intentional misconduct, or use of services - violating CentoServer's Terms of Service.

h. Due to email delivery or transmission, or webmail.

i. Due to propagation of DNS (Domain Name Server) servers; j. due to failures elsewhere on the Internet, preventing access to your account.

CentoServer is not responsible for cases of incorrect web browser caching or DNS caching, which may cause the apparent unavailability of the website, although the sites are still accessible to others at the same time.

CentoServer only guarantees for areas considered to be under CentoServer's control.

4. Fully Managed Service

Fully managed service includes:

24/7 monitoring of desired ports

Server load monitoring

Resolution of server network issues

Detection and resolution of hardware issues as deemed necessary

Installation, configuration, and guidance in the operation of supported control panels (e.g., cPanel)

Backup configuration

Security analysis and consultation

Installation of supported packages by the OS (yum, rpm...)

Software upgrades and version migration of installed components (php, mysql)

Resolution of issues on existing server configuration

Basic Firewall setup and issue resolution

Not included:

Installation and configuration of user websites, portals.

Installation and configuration of third-party CMS, scripts (wordpress, joomla, etc.)

5. Refund Approval Process

If you believe that CentoServer should refund a portion of the funds you have paid, you must submit a request via email to In the request, you must provide your account number, domain name, and the time and dates during which your website/server was unavailable. You must submit the request to CentoServer within 10 working days from the time your website was unavailable. If CentoServer determines the validity of your request, refund approval will occur in 2 billing cycles. Under this SLA agreement, the total amount of approved refund will not exceed the total price you pay in any given month for the services provided. The refunded amount will not include any taxes charged by CentoServer, and the aforementioned amounts are refunds solely for the unavailability of your Websites, for which CentoServer is directly responsible.

This document is issued electronically and is valid without the stamp or signature of a responsible person.

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