Refund Policy

Clients may cancel the ordered service at any time through the cancellation option within the user panel at CentoServer is not obligated to refund fees that have already been paid, regardless of the period of service usage prior to cancellation.

Refunds will not be issued if the client violates any terms of service, resulting in permanent suspension of the user account.

If a client requests reactivation after service cancellation, including the retrieval of previously stored files, CentoServer will consider the possibility of reactivating the user account and restoring that data, if available. In such a case, the client is required to make payment according to the current pricing of CentoServer services.

Additionally, clients have the right to a refund in accordance with our service quality guarantee. Details about our refund policy can be found at this link.

This document is issued electronically and is valid without the seal or signature of a responsible person.

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